Hello, my name is Olga “Good” Gudilina. I am a porcelain artist, I have been making dolls for more than 8 years now, and most of these years working with ball-jointed dolls.

One may ask, why porcelain and why ball-jointed dolls?

Porcelain, with all its properties, is unique material. On the one hand, it is nearly eternal, which is proved by Ming dynasty 600 years old vases, still bright in colors. On the other one, porcelain is fragile, looks elegant, it is plastic in work and indescribably beautiful. It is because of the depth of color and the elusive inner glow porcelain was considered a royal material over many centuries.

As for ball-jointed dolls, - because in addition to all  the advantages of mini sculpture, they allow maximum flexibility in selecting a pose or a gesture, which makes dolls look much more alive than if they are just static.

By the way, for me, dolls are more art objects than toys. I never wanted to play dolls, but to sculpt, paint, collect and disassemble, create a costume, a character - yes! And all this is “included” in the process of creating a ball-jointed doll.

NOTE: in April 2018, my first edition of resin dolls was released, now Olga Good Dolls are available both in porcelain and resin.

Ball-jointed dolls for me is a live, dynamic form of sculpture which is much more complicated technically than static one but at the same time much more apprehensible,  natural, and real. Here she is curled up in your hand - and you can cradle her, feel the warmth and vibrant smoothness of porcelain, touch silky hair. The pose has changed - and the doll may look completely different, show character.

One more thing: being working with mini sculpture for many years, I do not cease to admire the perfection of the human body. A ball-jointed doll, in my perception, is also a model of such a body – with a tiny soul inside, beautiful and mysterious.

Take a look and find out for yourself!
​I am often asked if I sell the dolls whose photos are published in my social media accounts. To be clear: I do not like to make dolls for myself and don’t do that.

It seems to me that condemning them to imprisonment in my studio is cruelty while I would like them making people happy.

So yes, all the dolls, which pictures you see on this website, are made for sale. The only thing is that many of them are made-to-order, so even before the beginning of work I already know where they will go - to the UK, Russia, Germany, USA, Australia, or somewhere else. The other ones, I call them collectible, I do for exhibitions.

Such dolls are united by some common idea, they own a rich dowry of jewelry and they can be bought right after a presentation of the collection.

I always offer my customers:
Certificate of authenticity
My dolls are made of high quality “Ultra Chic” porcelain or high quality resin, painted with natural paints, for porcelain – with several firings ensuring the durability of colors.

Porcelain dolls are assembled with durable stainless steel springs which quality provides stability of the pose and long-time reliability. Resin dolls are assembled with strong rubber joints.
After-sale service
Porcelain dolls are created for a gentle “dialogue”. A reminder about how to handle them is attached to each order. The design elements are subject to a permanent guarantee: under the condition of careful handling, I will change the weakened spring, also can help if some part is broken or damaged. Be sure to let me know if this happens, and we'll figure something out.

Resin dolls are gaming ones, so the guarantee does not apply to the author's painting: in case of its change/ erasing, I can re-paint but for a fee.
Although my dolls are made using one of the existing molds, every girl has her own unique sculpted face, and some minor variations with hands, body, or feet. For porcelain, this is possible due to its plasticity, the possibility to "refine" the face, for resin - due to painting and the ability to combine different elements (breast, hands, feet).

I never make the same doll twice. This is my policy and my credo as an artist because dolls for me are living beings. As there are no absolutely identical people, so all my girls are unlike: each has a unique appearance.
Despite the fact that I do not make exact copies of dolls by photo/ image, my customers always have the opportunity for co-creation: if you want a made-to-order doll, we can together choose some details that can better reflect her character and inner world: hair and eyes color, skin tone, hair style, some accessories.

I'm always glad when a customer has a desired image or some kind of story for a doll - this is a wonderful beginning for creativity!

What my customers say

For an artist, it is essential to feel the unity of minds with people sharing his or her vision of harmony and beauty. All in all, each artist works to give people inspiration and see a glimpse of this inspiration on their faces. My customers give me this feeling and at the same time give me the opportunity to continue working and growing as an artist. I am infinitely grateful to them for that.
Dashenka is merely wonderful! She is the second girl created by Olga for me. Ginger is an amazing girl as well, they are sisters but each has its own character, its own story! Olga thank you so much for them, the dolls are just exquisite and unique! You have your own style which is very special! And that wonderful, delicate work for clothing! Thank you for bonus gifts! I was very glad to get to know you!
Moscow, Russia
I purchased ball-jointed girl Sasha, she is very touching and homish! She keeps postures well, I like very much the quality of how the face done! Thank you very much Olga! I wanted to settle one of your dolls at my home for a long time! Wish you all the best in the upcoming New Year!
Lipetsk, Russia
It was the love from the first site. My girl is fairy, incredible, and she is simply the best! Thank you Olga for making it possible for me to have such a wonderwork!
Saint Petersburg, Russia
The girl is here, she arrived safely and already has a dog, sled and bunny, so I think she is happy :) Many thanks – she is a gem. And her palms are stunning, especially tiny nails :) And her size is very good - she looks perfectly anywhere in the apartment due to the size and natural postures. I’m very pleased :)
Moscow, Russia
Good evening Olga! Finally, the doll arrived. She came earlier, but I had to wait a whole day because of the weekend... But at last I have her! And she's just gorgeous! =) Looking at the photos, I thought she should be a little bit bigger, and when, while unwrapping the package, I understood she is such a pipsqueak, and so neat work, I was delighted! And I was even a little sorry to give her away, so much I'm in love with her. Thank you very much!
Moscow, Russia
Olga, I picked up Ksyusha and I’m playing with her the whole day and boasting to everyone! She is so lovely! She's so mine! Even at the photos from the show!!! Thank you very much for this little happiness! And the waiting was worth it!!!
Astana, Kazakhstan
Shoniin is the girl who has stolen my heart. I have many porcelain dolls in my collection but with Shoniin I did not need to think, there was no deciding, she drew me in, she is captivating and like a magnet! She is a masterpiece. Every detail is magnificent. The sculpt, the painting, the costume, but most of all - the soul! There are many excellent doll artists who produce beautiful dolls but without soul, but a true artist doll creates not only beauty but also something beyond art, your dolls are very special. I’m proud to add Shoniin to my collection and I will enjoy photographing her to show everyone your work. She is beautiful to handle, I like a doll with weight. The sculpt is superb, her fingers blew me away! wow! I love her clothing, I can understand why it took so many hours to make it, and Julia's jewellery is amazing.
Newcastle upon Tune, UK
I'm totally in love with your dolls! I am breathless with excitement!! They are absolutely gorgeous!! Thank you so much for making them for me- I knew they would be perfect. Hauntingly beautiful is the expression that comes to mind!
United Kingdom
I’m speechless! It’s true she’s even more incredible in person! She’s alive!!!!!! I love her so much!! I’ve placed her on my dresser in my room. I don’t even want to set her down. She’s so special to me! My first creation by Olga made with me in mind. Thank you so much!!!! The work that went into bringing her to life is so apparent!!! I just absolutely LOVE her!!!!!!!
San Diego, USA
Thank you so much. I knew you were the right person to make Cathie for me. She is just so perfect. Her heather crown was just the finishing touch to make it personal to her. Making an outfit for her would be perfect.
Shropshire, UK
She is in place and everything is whole. She is incomparable, thank you very much for such a miracle. Thank you for the stunning execution of our idea.
Hessen, Germany
Alinta arrives! I’m not sure what to say but the craftsmanship of this lady is extraordinary. Her hands, uniquely sculpted face, skin tone… Thank you Olga Good for taking my desires and creating this stunning artwork.
Melbourne, Australia
I’m so pleased to have the your beautiful creations in my collection. I’m so pleased!! You really put your heart and soul into your work! The Mongol girls are very much at home. They are treasured as they should be. I promise you they are well loved!!! They are so beautiful in pictures but in life...they take my breath away. Thank you with all my heart!!
San Diego, USA
I take her out of her small case and spend time with her frequently, I can't wait to put in her the big display case… It's really weird, my friend was over tonight and looking at all of my dolls and she said to me, "where did you get the one in the black case? She seems alive." And it really was strange to me that she felt that way too, bc so do I...so others feel it too!!
Florida, USA
Agnia is far more beautiful than her photos can show, she is an exquisite work of art - and something that photos cannot show - there is a tiny soul in there! I am absolutely in love with her, and I can't thank you enough for allowing me to adopt this little treasure She already "speaks" to me, and something else, there is a sense of movement - Agnia is very fluid. Sometimes it is almost as if she has suddenly turned to look at me, that quick reaction necessary for a warrior.
Newcastle upon Tune, UK