“Timeless Treasures” is a collection of 5 ball jointed porcelain dolls made in 2015-2016. The collection was presented at the exhibition "International Doll Salon 2016” in Moscow.

Сollection concept

They are the treasures. The models made after the perfect creation of the nature. Creatures carrying never-ageing beauty of female body: smooth lines and curves, natural poses and gestures.

The models’ divine beauty is framed into their artisan jewellery and accessories. Inspired by the legends of amazons, valkyries and vikings, these tomb treasures look like they were hugging ankles of some ancient warrior mistress, or holding the hair of goddess queen just yesterday. These accessories are too special to be called just jewellery. They are the treasures.

Unique hand-made jewellery was made specially for "Timeless treasures" collection with no 3D modeling. Stylized in classical technique of ancient silver jewelry and semi-precious stones: topaz, amethyst, garnet, rock crystal, tourmaline, beryl.

Body painting and each doll face are and made in a unique copy.

All dolls are in private collections.

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